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Paintball Tank


What is WWII paintball without tanks?  With four to five sheets of light plywood and your riding lawnmower you can have a Sherman tank for under two hundred dollars.  Using the standard dimensions of plywood you can make a 1/2.375 scale simulated tank.  In two to three weekends a moderately skilled woodworker can manufacture a shell that fits over your riding lawnmower.  This would create a tank  that  travels at slow to medium speed and can turn almost as sharply as a tank with treads.  An opening at the top allows the rider to stand up in the tank.  The turret comes off and allows the tank commander to easily enter the tank .  There are slit windows with Plexiglas backing for vision and protection.  You have the main cannon and a machine gun for armament.  To delineate the difference in effect, I suggest that a color system is used.  The cannon would use red paintballs that kill anything  it hits.  I personally like pyrotechnics and would have several plates that, when hit, set off smoke bombs to indicate a kill or to disable.  But only specially colored paintballs could be used to kill a tank; say yellow for bazookas or cannon.  The beauty of this system is that a pickup truck could easily transport the tank to the nearest battle and when not in use you can still cut your grass.  This adds a new dimension to Combat with moving protection and insertion into protected enclaves.  Who will be the first to bring a tank to an infantry battle!