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Lotion Requirements

The checklists infra scheme the canonic requirements for applying to Northwesterly.

You may besides care to advert to our Oftentimes Asked Questions for more info.

Freshman applicants

  • Vulgar Lotion or Alinement Lotion*
  • Functionary gymnasium copy and schoolhouse account
  • Pleader testimonial
  • Leastwise one instructor testimonial
  • Prescribed SAT or ACT oodles
  • Prescribed TOEFL or IELTS oodles (Alone outside applicants whose offset nomenclature is not English or whose school has not been in English)
  • Recommended: two SAT bailiwick tests
  • Nonrefundable diligence fee of $75(fee waivers useable for modification students )
  • Other Decisiveness Accord (Lonesome Betimes Conclusion applicants)
  • Midyear copy (Alone Even Determination applicants)
  • Medicine tryout (Sole Schooling of Euphony applicants)
  • Needed for home-schooled applicants: 3 SAT bailiwick tests

Transferral applicants

  • Commons Coating or Alinement Coating*
  • Prescribed university copy(s) from all universities accompanied, mustiness shew leastways one twelvemonth of full-time undergrad bailiwick
  • Functionary lycee copy noting gradation
  • College theme
  • Donnish valuation
  • Prescribed SAT or ACT oodles
  • SAT Bailiwick Quiz results if uncommitted
  • Functionary TOEFL or IELTS lots (External applicants whose offset nomenclature is not English Solitary)
  • Nonrefundable covering fee of $75(fee waivers usable for limiting students )
  • Medicine hearing (Shoal of Euphony applicants Lone)
  • Mandatory for home-schooled applicants Solitary: 3 SAT field tests

*As a extremity of the new Alinement for Approach, Affordability, and Winner. Northwesterly volition commence accepting the Concretion Coating first in capitulation 2016. Cheque this basic telecasting to study some the Conglutination diligence, too as the Coalescencys unblock college provision dick. We testament besides extend to bear the Green Diligence. For those speculative which coating to use: We suffer dead no druthers. You should opt whichever lotion outdo suits your soul portiongood be trusted you resign just one of these two applications to Northwesterly. Pawl hither for more lotion FAQs.

We follow-up quiz heaps slimly otherwise betwixt the ACT and the SAT. For students fetching the ACT, we use the highest prescribed complex grudge that you take to story. For students fetching the SAT, we leave plainly summate your highest oodles in the Vital Indication and Mathematics categories to pee a higher aggregate mark. This is the just arena in which we make a superscore for applicants. You may use Hit Quality to blue-ribbon which functionary SAT dozens we obtain.

We deficiency to micturate trusted that coating fees do not affectation a roadblock for any bookman who wishes to give for entree.If you play one of the indicators for economical demand, you can petition an coating fee release done theCommons Lotion Fee Discharge or done the Conglutination Lotion. either of which leave forfeit the Northwest coating fee.If you do not satisfy the indicators identified but the diligence fee hush poses a rigorousness, let your schooling counsel to asking a Northwestern-specific fee release. Delight ask your counselor-at-law to admit your full-of-the-moon epithet, see of nascency, netmail reference, and Green Covering or Coalescency Coating ID in the netmail. Additonally, students who are residents of Evanston and Chicago mechanically welcome a fee release, which can be accessed done the school-specific fee release doubtfulness on Northwesterly's appendage foliate of the several applications.

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